Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Doug found his love for competition at a very early age. At the age of five, he enrolled in his very first competitive sport, and has never looked backed. Unlike most dancers, Doug grew up competing in traditional sports, and found his main niches in college with rugby and track. A champion Jumper, and an All-New England selection decathlete, Doug always dreamed of pursuing a professional athletic career. It wasn’t until his junior year of college, however, where he would go to a club meeting that would forever change his path. Doug attended his very first ballroom dance lesson, thinking that learning to dance would be easy for an athlete to pick up. He quickly found out that there was a lot more to learning to dance then some simple turns and foot patterns. Over the next two years, he fell in love with learning, performing, and then finally competing. Once he graduated from Keene State College in 2012 with a BA in English, and a BS in Sociology, he decided to pursue a professional career in ballroom dancing.

In November of 2013, Doug attended his very first ballroom dance competition as a professional. This is where he met his soon to be dance partner, and eventual wife, Angel. The very next week, Doug and Angel started dancing together, and they have been inseparable ever since. They compete in the Cabaret and Show Dance divisions, in which only one couple is on the floor at a time, and you dance to your own music with plenty of overhead lifts. Even though Doug and Angel are the youngest couple in their division, they have had great early success. They have already been crowned the New England Champions five times, won multiple competitions within the New England region, and are Two-Time National Finalists. They work with many of the country's top coaches and choreographers who hope to see them continue their path of rising up the national rankings. Doug’s passion for dance was initially fueled by competition, however, he has truly fallen in love with becoming an instructor.

Doug has enjoyed years of competing with students of all levels and ages. His students have done very well, even helping him earn multiple top teacher awards. Outside of competing, his favorite aspects of dancing primarily include choreographing creative shows with his students, and helping wedding couples create unforgettable first dances. He loves proving to students that he can teach anyone to dance, and his favorite part of being a teacher is when he is able to unleash the potential in his students that they never saw within themselves. Doug’s main goal is to inspire students and instructors to continually push their own limits and to never lose sight of the joys dancing is meant to bring into our lives.