Do I need a partner to dance?

No partner is needed. During your private lessons, your instructor will serve as your dance partner. In group classes, you dance with the other students in the class, and rotate partners constantly. Dance parties encourage social interaction and everybody enjoys dancing with a variety of different people. However, you are more than welcome to bring your significant other or friend to learn to dance.

What’s the difference between group & private lessons?

A private lesson is personalized to your specific needs and goals and is for an individual or a couple. A group class will have a number of people attending with one instructor teaching. While groups are fun and a great supplement, private lessons offer more information, and are customized to help you achieve personal dance goals.

What shoes should I wear?

No special type of dance shoe is required in the beginning. We do suggest that you wear a supported shoe; something that has heel support and will stay firmly on your feet. Shoes like flip-flops should not be worn because they will fall off your feet. However, sneakers are not ideal either because they stick to the floor and can restrict your movement. If you decide that you want to continue dancing, we have a dance store in the studio where we can find you the perfect shoe.

How should I dress?

We recommend that you dress comfortably. From the very first lesson you will be up dancing and moving around. Make sure you are able to move around with ease in your clothes of choice.

How do I get started?

We would love to get you started straight away by scheduling your Introductory Special, which will include one group and one private lesson. Your lesson can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 3-10pm at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us by phone at (508) 473-5400 or by email at to schedule. You are also welcome to drop into the studio at anytime and receive a studio tour.

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