The Spotlight Is On You!

Fox Ballroom Dance Studio focuses on your specific desires and goals, and we work to find what inspires each and every student. We believe that our talented instructors, beautiful studio, friendly atmosphere, and commitment to providing each individual with quality dance instruction, will create an experience you will enjoy for years to come.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn to dance. Whether alone or with a partner, your instructor will custom tailor each lesson to your specific goals and learning style. One-on-one instruction will give you the individual attention you need to progress quickly. Make lasting connections, experience a full-body workout, and have fun developing a new skill.

Group Classes

Fox Ballroom has a variety of exciting group classes, designed specifically to supplement private lessons. Group classes are a great way to learn new dance steps in a social environment, and develop your leading and following skills as you dance with a variety of partners.

Social Dance Parties

Wondering where you can use your social dancing? Fox Ballroom throws dance parties every Friday night! Students of all levels are welcome to dance the night away to a variety of musical styles, enjoy free food and drink, and get to know other members of the Fox Ballroom family.

Our Teaching Methods

Whether you are looking to perform, compete, or just learn to social dance, Fox Ballroom has established a clear and easy system to reach each student's individual goals. Our teaching methods and measures align with national ballroom standards, and we regularly host nationally certified coaches into the studio to ensure the quality of dance for each student and staff member.

Dancing is an Ideal Form of Exercise

Exercising at the gym is an unattractive alternative for many people, but dancing provides a workout that is fun! Your “dance workout” is beneficial in many ways:

  • Contributes to good posture and body alignment
  • Improves balance
  • Encourages stretching
  • Increases flexibility and stamina
  • Benefits your cardiovascular system
  • Contributes to increased personal confidence

Dancing Creates Romance for Couples

The romantic properties of dance are a secret that all dancers enjoy. Couples can add the romantic skills that come with the holding, touching, and moving to the music that dancing provides.

Dancing Develops Social Skills

Dance offers men and women the opportunity to meet new friends, and provides a natural ice breaker for getting to know someone. Men will gain confidence when they recognize which dance is being played, and have the ability to walk across the dance floor and ask a lady to dance. Women will enjoy being asked to dance, knowing that they have mastered the grace, poise, and style.

Other Benefits of Dance:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Elegant Environment
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Emotional release
  • Relaxation
  • Business network



Cha Cha is a fun, flirtatious, and upbeat dance that is traditionally danced to Latin music, but can also be danced to many current songs by artists such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5.


Rumba is universally recognized as the dance of love. It is danced to slow, sensual music with a Latin beat and features a hip action known as “Cuban Motion.” This is one of the most versatile rhythm dances, and the music includes many slow love songs that you hear on the radio. If you are looking for the typical feel of Rumba, listen to Escape by Enrique Iglesias.

East Coast Swing

This dance has its roots in the Lindy Hop dances done in the 1920’s and 1930’s. East Coast Swing is an energetic, fast dance, with tons of fancy turns and tricks. Big Band music is typical for swingers to dance to, but modern music includes artists such as Christina Aguilera and Meghan Trainor.


Bolero is a slow, beautiful, expressive dance that is a hybrid mix between rhythm and smooth. It combines the dance patterns and feel of Rumba, with the rise and fall action of the Waltz. Bolero is the slowest of all the American Style Rhythm dances and if traditionally paired with classic slow love songs. If you are looking for more New Age songs to dance to, try Songbird, by Eva Cassidy and Make You Feel My Love by Adele.


Mambo is a fast and spicy dance characterized by strong Cuban motion, staccato movement and expression of rhythm through the body. Prerez Prado is credited with introducing Mambo at a Havana nightclub in 1943.Try moving your mambo hips to songs like Mambo Italiano, by Rosemary Clooney, and Chin Chin Chow, by Louie Ramirez.



Waltz is characterized by rise and fall movements that create a smooth gliding quality. Waltz is a graceful dance, with a romantic feel. It is the dance many people envision when they think of royalty gliding across the dance floor at an elegant ball. You can get an idea of the smooth feeling music by listening to songs like Be Good (Lion’s Song) by Gregory Porter, and Come Away With Me, by Norah Jones.


Oh what a fiery and dramatic dance! American Style Tango evolved as a ballroom dance from the sultry Argentine Tango danced by gauchos in Buenos Aires. Movement is stealthy, almost cat-like and has an unmistakable staccato feel and major dramatic attitude. This is the dance many people envision being accompanied by a rose in the mouth. Traditional music, such as Gelosia (Jealousy) by Luis Vinicio, is what most people still dance to. However, there are more non-traditional songs, such as Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, and Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore, that are often used to create a larger variety within this style.


Foxtrot is the dance of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This smooth and elegant dance had its beginnings in a New York theatre in 1914. You can imagine this dance being sexy, while also being glamorous; you can pictureladies in flapper dresses, and men in three piece suits. The foxtrot is an all-purpose dance that can be performed to many different styles of music from Frank Sinatra, to Michael Buble.

Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz is characterized by its speed, (twice as fast as Waltz) and elegance. It has an air of magic about it, that once mastered, can truly make someone feel like the Belle of the Ball. One and Only, by Adele is great song to get a feel for this beautiful dance.



This is a truly great club dance. It is fun, accessible, sexy, and constantly evolving as new generations come to the Salsa clubs. Salsa is now danced to a huge variety of different music styles, including current popular music, with contemporary pop, rock, and R&B also added to the mix.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is smooth, cool style, and danced in a slot. The dance allows room for syncopated footwork and improvisation. Followers have more freedom than any other dance, performing their syncopations at will. This is one of the most versatile dances to learn, with both music and social places to dance. Black Velvet by Alannah Myles, and Don’t by Ed Sheeran are great examples of this dance.


Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean islands. Both the music and the dance have been influenced by Cuban Bolero, the Merengue (also of Dominican Republic origin), Salsa and Cumbia.

Argentine Tango

This gorgeous and improvisational style of dancing has its origins in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. It is one of the sexiest, smoothest dances you can learn. This dance has been mainstreamed by movies such as "Shall We Dance." You can dance to any traditional Tango music, but can get more creative with songs like Your Heart is as Black as Night, by Melody Gardot.


Often called the “Texas two-step” or simply the “two-step,” is a country-western dance that is usually danced to country music.


Merengue is a fun, fast and easy dance made up of simple steps.This dance encourages creativity, as it’s fun and easy to create arm movements to go with the simple steps. Merengue is characterized by its marching rhythms and Cuban motion and can be danced to fun songs, such as Fireball, by Pitbull.

Night Club Two-Step

Nightclub Two Step is a slow, romantic, dance that features rock steps and long glides across the dance floor. It is done to contemporary and popular ballads such as "Lady in Red."


The Hustle is the partner version of disco dancing. It is a fast moving, energetic dance characterized by its many turns. Most Cha-Cha songs are also good for hustle as well. Songs such as Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars are dancer favorites

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